Accelerate your Channel Sales Velocity

Here is how, the Recur Channel Velocity Accelerator as-a-Service solution grows Partner led revenue at scale, through quantifiable partner activation outcomes. Channel Velocity Accelerator (CVA), uses three easy Steps:

channel sales velocity how does it work

Step 1

Empower CAMs to adapt centralized content from corporate sources to align with their Partners specific needs.

Channel Velocity Accelerator (CVA), gives CAMs the ability to provide the needed knowledge and specific selling action steps to end customers, leveraging any digital asset, plus the addition of their own training content, which we call Bring Your Own Training, or BYOT.








Step 2

Hold the Partner accountable by connecting executive sponsorship to the initiative. CVA gives the CAM the ability to prescribe specific training, and equally as important, activation initiatives to the Partner Sellers.

To drive and gain commitment for these initiatives, CVA enables the CAM to automate invitations and acceptances, to & from Partner sellers, who have been selected for education and activation.

These initiatives track, manage and monitor all education and activation activities, on an end-to-end basis, which is visible to both the CAM and Partner Sales Manager, & used to hold the Partner, and their sellers, to account.




Step 3

Addresses how you drive the desired Partner sales behaviour and how you achieve high value, intentional engagement to drive revenue.

The CAM will now be able to easily identify the Partner Sellers who completed the required education, and quickly pin-point educated and activated partner sellers, empowering the CAM to target sellers who are engaging end customers as designed.

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