We can help you to increase profits through digital marketing

We provide automation & analytics software that drives profitability through the optimisation of email and web based marketing campaigns.

We can help you manage and monitor campaigns using your existing tools including CRM, Web and eCommerce platforms. We can help you track which prospects have been looking at your web site and who has transacted from a campaign so you can measure campaign ROI.

Our software is used to increase customer loyalty from an array of marketing channels and if you have a physical location that your prospects also visit we can link online to offline profiles.


Maximise Web Sales

Drive profitability by monetizing your prospect data and discover who is looking at your website and transacting with you.

Optimise Digital Marketing Campaigns

Manage and monitor campaigns in real time and capture usage, conversion and profile information to optimise campaign rules.

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Analyse digital communication web site behaviour to compare the effectiveness of different approached to gain insight into loyalty patterns.

Single View of Data

Synchronise data between your various IT systems and Cluster Marketing to give you a single view of prospects, customer profile and campaign effectiveness.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Enrich customer experience with personalised campaigns by capturing web analytics to update online profiles and push preference based offers in real time.

Leverage offline and online Profiles

If you have a physical location you can use WiFi to capture usage and combine this with existing data to extend prospect and customer profiles.


Discover who is online in real time and capture the following analytics if discoverable including:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Preferences
  • Email address
  • Frequency of return visits
  • Duration online
  • Signup date
  • Signup method and more

You can see graphical reports to track your prospects and optimize campaigns. These reports include:

  • Domain name - see where prospects are coming from
  • IP address - identify IP addresses and group prospect locations
  • CRM User - track web usage for known prospects in your CRM database
  • Cookies - track web usage for unknown prospects and store their history for future analysis once they become known
  • Locations - use our WiFi login feature to identify prospects physically in your location and map their offline profile to their online web profile
  • Demographics - capture and analyse of demographic information about your prospects