Annuity Accelerator supports Cisco Webex

Let our Annuity Accelerator platform ease the pain of Quoting, Ordering, Billing and taking Payments for monthly services.

Direct, Single & Two Tier Services

Whether you are a vendor, service provider, distributor or reseller, our Annuity Accelerator billing platform can help you to gain, maintain and grow your Annuity Revenues through a channel friendly architecture. We can bill your customers under your brand as we support the reseller channel. Direct, single tier, two tier and API billing modes are all supported.

Supports Cisco WebEx Billing.

Self Service

One of the greatest opportunities Annuity Accelerator brings is the ability to empower your clients to self-serve, self-support and self-manage their products online.

Revolutionise the way you take new orders by allowing your customers to place them direct through Annuity Accelerator.

Our clever hierarchy means that you can set the mark-up and pricelist for your clients allowing you to receive new orders without the overhead for your sales team.

Automated Processes

When buying off the shelf software, many companies can find themselves being restricted to running their businesses the way the application has been designed to work. We realise that most organisations get their competitive edge from being able to streamline and standardise processes in a way that best serves their customers. The Annuity Accelerator workflow module is fully customisable and designed to be as flexible as possible to best fit your needs, making even the most complex processes simple.

Add your own products

The master price list can be tailored and adjusted as your business grows, you can enter your own products as well as apply mark-ups to quotes obtained automatically. By building a customer hierarchy, you can even enable your clients to reseller your services online whilst adding their own mark-up down the chain.

Make Deliveries Simple

Our workflow system is the ideal way to manage and track orders in one simple interface. Create a custom workflow that works for your business for any product and ensure that every step towards delivery is tracked, scheduled and accounted for with minimal training and less errors.

Supporting you and your clients

By building an unlimited user hierarchy, our system provides unlimited opportunities to empower your clients to access and deliver information no matter where in the supply chain they sit. By giving your clients access to create their own user and company records.