Our Readiness Assessment Tool will help you to optimise the effectiveness of your organisations’ ability to execute your business objectives.

We do this by evaluating the competencies of your people and the effectiveness of your systems and processes to support your business strategy. The people can be employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Our Assessment Tool identifies the enablement needs of an organisation, team and set of individuals so that you spend less money and time on mentoring/coaching/training to achieve a more effective outcome. The Tool will also identify any gaps in systems and processes that need optimising to help your organisations ability to deliver on its number.

Typical Assessments include:

  • Senior Leadership Readiness/Buy-in
  • Sales & Marketing Readiness
  • Technical Readiness
  • Lifecycle Readiness
  • Systems Readiness
  • Process Readiness

We work with you to define the outcome you want from the assessment and then we build it using our online tool and test, pilot and roll out to your community. The tool is an open framework so you can configure it to Assess an endless array of business readiness topics.

Assessment Outcome

The outcome of the Assessment is a series of scores, recommendations & actions to improve the capability of your people systems and processes. Based upon these recommendations Recur Global can provide you:

  • Mentoring/coaching/training to optimise your people and their competencies
  • Business Process Consultancy to drive efficiency
  • Process Automation Software to deliver scale and effectiveness

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