Recur Global and Noodle Factory Announce Partnership

Recur Global and Noodle Factory are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership. Through this partnership, Recur will be the distribution partner for Noodle Factory’s AI-powered chat platform in EMEA and the US.

Recur Global was incorporated in 2010 and works with clients to build profitability from recurring revenue growth that scales. In addition to business education and enablement, Recur delivers a complementary suite of digital transformation software to help customers achieve their goals.

Noodle Factory is a Singapore-based start-up that was founded in 2018. Noodle Factory provides an instant conversational AI platform, that is built for content-rich environments, enabling businesses and schools to setup AI-powered chat in minutes.

With Recur’s focus on technology vendors, service providers, distributors, reseller partners and customers, the partnership with Noodle Factory will enable their clients to leverage AI to drive recurring revenue growth through automation, improved customer experience and personalisation.

Recur has worked closely with many market leading global tech companies and has an indepth understanding of their ecosystem, priorities and building a scalable business.

Matt Hathorn, CEO of Recur commented “You have less than 2 minutes to engage with new customers on your website, so that initial interaction is one of the highest priorities when growing an online business. Once you acquire that customer, a 5 Star Customer Experience is demanded to keep them. The AI-chat platform from Noodle Factory helps us and our Partners provide a high level of customer service before, during and after different types of interactions and transactions with customers. We are very excited to be using AI to drive desired business outcomes all round.”

In Singapore, Noodle Factory has had some early success with companies and institutes of higher learning, who have used the AI-chat platform in innovative approaches to learning, engagement and automation.

“We love to embrace new technology, but we’ve always believed that technology for the sake of technology is meaningless. We built Noodle Factory initially because we wanted to solve our own challenges, which was how to improve productivity by connecting people, processes and information. We are excited to have an established company like Recur as our distribution partner and to be able to expand our presence outside of Singapore,”
Yvonne Soh, CEO of Noodle Factory.

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