To compliment the How to Make Your Number Sales Workshop series, every Partner Account Manager will be able to offer their Partners access to the Cisco Go Digital Assessment Platform. This Platform is able to assess the readiness of Partners to execute the Cisco Cross-Architecture Solutions listed above.

The Cisco Go Digital Assessment Platform will assess the following Partner capabilities for each of the Cisco Solutions:

  • Senior Leadership Readiness
  • Sales & Marketing Readiness
  • Technical Readiness
  • Customer Lifecycle Readiness

Partner Readiness Reports

The desired outcome from this Assessment is to identify the readiness of a Partner to successfully market, sell, implement and support Cisco Solutions. The results will determine the next steps for a Partners ‘Journey to Profit’ in terms of people, competencies, systems & processes.

The graphic below is an example plot of a Partners readiness in the areas described above.

The table below describes the Capability areas measured in the Assessment for key roles in an organisation.

Role Group Roles Capability Areas
Senior Leadership


LoB Heads

Senior Team Leaders

• Level of commitment and support

• Readiness of vision, mission, strategies and targets

• Level of corporate-wide investment in attaining successful outcomes

Sales & Marketing

Account Sales Reps

Specialist Account Managers

Business Development Managers

Marketing Leads

• Level of relevant knowledge, experience and skills

• Readiness of required systems and processes

• Amount of related activity as a proportion of all activity


Account & Specialist SEs

Solution Architects

Optimization & Delivery FEs



Adoption Consultants

Customer Success Managers

Action Plans

Following the Partner Readiness Assessment results, Partner Account Managers will use the Action Plan blueprint to easily formulate a Partner Activation & Acceleration Action Plan to accelerate their Partners journey to profit.