Drive Digital Transformation in your business using our Organizational and Solution Practice prioritization services.

The Professional Services will help you transform your organization to help profit from the Digital Economy. The entire Package is Consultant lead and made up of the following services:

1. Pre-Workshop Orientation Webex to prepare for the Digital Transformation Workshop

2. Digital Transformation Workshop - 1 day (face-to-face) to review the results of your Assessment and prioritize Organizational, Solution & Role Actions, Owners & Timescales

3. Recommendations Review over Webex where your Consultant will preset your Recommendations


  • Create a Business plan based on overall readiness and capability to sell Digital Solutions
  • Help drive targeted Digital Solution business


  • A completed Digital Assessment
  • Executive Sponsor, Vendor Alliance Director and minimum of one Practice Lead.

Service Overview:

  • Introductions
  • Setting Expectations
  • Understanding Context
    • Understand overall Business Strategy, Planning & Execution
  • Inputs
    • Completed Digital Assessments
    • AM input
    • Any additional required
  • Discuss targeted Digital Solution business through discussion of:
    • Consistency & type of business
    • Services mix, recurring revenue & market direction
    • Identify Vendor & 3rd Party resources to help accelerate Get to Market Build and Customer Offers
  • Organizational Capabilities
    • Senior Leadership
    • Services Strategy
    • Business Processes
    • Business Transformation
    • Customer Success Practice/Adoption
    • Customer Journey
  • Solution Practice Capabilities
  • Specific Solution Capabilities by Role:
    • Sales
    • Pre Sales
    • Technical
    • Customer Success
    • Developers


  • Action Plan with tasks, owners and completion dates
  • Create new or augment existing plan
  • Next Steps