Sales Activator

Empowered Sales Activation

Take control of activating your Sales Teams.

Recur’s SALES ACTIVATOR helps scale Sales Management & individual Seller’s time & revenue by significantly reducing sales activation cycles needed to drive action.

Sellers & Managers can now spend more time on important revenue focused activities,

not Admin.

Key Benefits

Centralized Multi-Initiative


Intuitive initiative creation and content assignment interface

Establish Seller


Establish a plan with management team, identify sellers activate with deadline

Automate Sales


Assign activities to sellers centrally then track and manage activities with push notifications

Bring Your Own Training (BYOT)

You know what content works best.  Use any content from any source – internal & 3rd party

Automate Administrative Follow Up

Automated seller program assignments, reminders for completion, & management reporting


Track / Manage /  Monetize Selling Programs

Digital sales activation allows you to track from assignment to activation

sales velocity accelerator

70% Decrease: Time to Activate Sales

Assign, Track, & Manage sellers across one or multiple solutions / initiatives:

- Quarterly Initiatives
- Just in Time Initiatives
- New Launches


World Class Sales Teams choose Recur

Team & Corporate Subscriptions Available